How long is forever?

A lot of people tell me they have trouble with the idea of giving up drinking “forever”.

First of all, I don’t look at my choice to not drink alcohol, a known toxic and addictive substance, as “giving up” anything.

Secondly, I have trouble deciding what I want for lunch tomorrow so if you can predict the future, more power to you!

I have remained alcohol free for 6 ½ years because, after many years of trying to moderate, after many Day 1s, I decided instead to just focus on today.

It’s not to say I don’t think of future events and what I will do or say in a certain situation, but I plan it, I prep for it and I let it go. I return my focus to today and just get on with living.

One of my other tips is to focus instead on the things you want more than alcohol. For me this looks like:

  1. I want good health more. I’ve been sick. I’ve beaten Diabetes, an enlarged heart and overall I was just unwell all the time with migraines and unbalanced, upsetting gut health. I’ve had enough of that.
  2. I want a more present, more fulfilling relationship with my husband and my loved ones. I want to remember conversations, every laugh, every smile.
  3. I want to give my all at gym more and get stronger with every workout.
  4. When I’m working, writing or studying I want full clarity more than the fog of a hangover.

Take alcohol off the radar. Get too busy living a full life, doing things that bring you joy, exercising, hobbies, chatting with and being totally present with your friends – want that life more than any life that includes alcohol.

Don’t romanticise it. Quite often it’s not the deck chair on the boat or by the river, it’s the ritual. You can still have the ritual, you can still have the fancy glass, you just don’t have to have alcohol in it. Alcohol will numb you; you’ll no longer be present; you’ll toss and turn at 3am.

Want more for yourself and for your life today.

“Forever” will take care of itself by itself.