Self Care Reminders

I hear a lot of people say they know they should find the time to practice this or learn so-and-so but they just can’t fit anything extra into their day.

The reality is we all have the same amount of hours in the day, the same number of days in the week. You see the person next to you on the bus or the train has their gym bag. How do you think they find the time?

I would bet that it’s a combination of two things:

  1. If it’s important, if you value it, if you really believe that “X” will make a real difference in how you deal with life, then prioritise it. Make it a non‑negotiable. Decide that no matter what happens, “X” will get done today, no matter what.


  • Schedule it! To really set yourself up for success, block out the time in your calendar. Treat it like any other appointment you have. You wouldn’t cancel on your hairdresser or your dentist. Just like these important appointments, it might mean that you schedule them a bit earlier or later in the day or in your lunch break.

What kind of things can I schedule?

Apart from anything you want – use your calendar to –

  • make an appointment with a personal trainer either at your local gym or in your local park
  • arrange a cycling “date” with a friend or by yourself
  • book a yoga session
  • make time for a walk around the block or around a nearby park after work – OR get off the bus or train a few stops earlier and walk home the rest of the way. Yes, schedule that in, too.

Wait! Did I just use the words “by yourself”?! YES! Schedule in that non‑negotiable “X” with YOURSELF because YOU are just as important as the friend, the personal trainer or the yoga instructor.

Find what you like doing and get doing it!

What else does self-care look like?

If revamping your diet is a top priority, here’s a few tips:

  • Remove alcohol from your house – you don’t need it to cope with life. Once you schedule in a few wellness activities you’ll be feeling so fit and well you won’t be looking for it when you get home. You’ll be more interested in making a healthy dinner.
  • And what about that dinner? Meal prep for the week ahead. Use a slow cooker to save time at the end of a busy day. It’s a very inexpensive item to add to your kitchenware – just set the timer before you head off to work and your meal will be ready when you arrive home. Both are awesome ways to save time at the end of a busy day and still eat healthily.

Remember: You’re in charge of the fridge so when you grocery shop, read labels, buy whole foods – think about what you’re putting into your body. As you reach for something off the shelf, ask yourself, is what I’m buying (or about to eat) going to help me reach my wellness goals? Buy and eat according to that plan.

Lastly, self-care includes scheduling in things that bring a smile to your face, things that give you joy, that fill up your heart with joy. Find that joy and make it a priority. Do it often – daily if you can.

No one can act on these choices but you.

Put yourself first. Make yourself your #1 non-negotiable!